Friday, 27 January 2012

The Importance of Trimming Your Dogs Nails

One of the most common things we come across here at Dapper Dog is over grown toenails. Alot of owners just don't know how often they need to be done or even done at all. We want to help educate people, helping them understand that maintaining your dog's toenails is more than just for vanity's sake.

Major toenail issues that can occur are:

If dogs toe nails are allowed to continue growing, they can actually grow into a complete circle and pierce the dog's footpad causing pain and potential infection. If your dog has dewclaws, it is especially important to trim those as those nails have no way of naturally filing down as they don't reach the pavement. Some outside dogs that walk on concrete have the opportunity to wear down their nails naturally.

We offer nail trimming packages as well as drop in nail trimmings for your dog. We are always eager to answer anyones questions when it comes to these important matters.

Help your dog get a grip and have their nails trimmed regularly :)

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