Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Keep those Paws Safe: Hot Pavement

Summer is Here, Are you prepared?

Summer is finally in full force. This means lots of fun at the beach, camping trips, swimming and evening nights at the park with your pooch! As happy as all of us Vancouverites are to have the summer sun out, it's important to be aware that the heat brings dangers to our furry friends. As the sun heats up roads, sidewalks and sand, the pads of your dog's feet need to be protected from burns and blisters.
I'm positive almost everyone has experienced the sensation of standing on a very hot road and know just how unpleasant that can be. Not many people realize how dangerous this can be for our dogs.
Be sure to recognize the signs that of your dogs pads being affected by the hot pavement. Signs such as limping, refusing to walk, darker than usual pads, blisters, redness, missing parts of the pad or licking and chewing the foot.
Water is always a refreshing way to cool of your dog but be aware that pads that have been softened by the water are more likely to be injured.
If your dog experiences any of these symptoms, the best treatment is to immediately flush the injured paw with cool water, get the dog to a grassy area, and carry him/her if possible. The paws should be kept as clean as possible and bandaged until they fully heal.
Always consult your vet if your dog has injured their paws.

Have a fun and safe summer with your four legged friends!

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